Olive O’Driscoll

Founder and Director


Olive founded AventaMed in 2013, a company which is focused on revolutionizing pediatric ear surgery. AventaMed, a medical device spin-out company from Cork Institute of Technology, developed the Solo device, an innovative all-in-one product which places a patented and pre-loaded ear tube (grommet) quickly and easily into patient ears, without the need for general anaesthesia.  With Solo, ENT Surgeons now have the option to offer suitable patients the procedure in their office or clinic, with as little as topical anaesthetic.  Olive secured more than €5.2m in investment to develop and validate three products; having its primary patent granted with a further four patents in the pipeline; gained ISO 13485 certification; completed two clinical trials; obtained CE marking for all three products; treated over 100 patients; and are now ready to begin clinical investigations in the USA to support FDA clearance.

Olive trained as a Biomedical Engineer and Medical Physicist in the NHS, and has 20 years’ experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. She has worked in multi-national and start-up companies in business, clinical and regulatory roles in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular and orthopaedics. Olive has led international clinical trials with more than 15,000 patients in 200 countries, with subsequent regulatory approvals in EU and USA.

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